12×16 Barn Shed Plans

barnshedplanWhether you are an old pro or new to construction, professionally-drawn 12×16 barn shed plans put this popular storage solution well within reach of anyone.  A small barn shed can solve a number of storage problems. Clutter overflowing from a small home or a garage can find new life when transferred into a storage shed.  As if storage options were not reason enough, a number of people turn to barn sheds as solutions due to their stable and durable nature. These sheds are made to last!

A number of 12 x 16 plans are available, but barn sheds are a popular choice given the robust amount of storage space they offer. The roof of a barn shed fits over the structure in a U-shape. The natural height found in this peak – called the interior pitch – offers more than 100 square feet of additional storage area.  Clearly, anyone who selects this option will get plenty of bang for their buck!


Check the Materials List

Novice cooks know the importance of reading a recipe through to the end before they begin to cook. Along the same lines, it is paramount to read the shed plans prior to the start of construction. Why is this important?

Reading the plans provides the builder the opportunity to ensure all required tools and materials are available for construction before the project begins. Quality plans will include an easy-to-read numbering system to communicate just what part belongs in what place.

Few things are more frustrating than a project delayed to a material over site. Avoid this experience by taking a few moments to read and plan ahead.


Construction Considerations


Doors: Most 12 x 16 barn sheds include one of two door types. A roll-up style door like those found on a garage is the first, and double-hung doors that swing open are the second. This makes it easy to store lawnmowers, four-wheelers, motorcycles and snowmobiles.

Floors: If the plan is to store heavy equipment like the aforementioned vehicles in the shed, it is important to reinforce the floor to support their weight. Setting the floor on any one of five pre-poured bases – either concrete slab, poured concrete pier, concrete block pier, precast pier or skid – is the best option. For most other uses, a framed wooden floor should provide sufficient support.

Walls: Barn shed plans typically offer either 8’ 1” or 7’ 7” wall heights.

Windows: Standard home windows come in sizes 2’ 6” x 2’ 6”. Barn sheds with 12 x 16 floor plans typically call for the placement of two windows. Because the plans use standard size windows, it is easy to add windows when more light is desired. Likewise, omit the windows for a more private shed.

As you have learned, barn sheds offer highly economical storage solutions that are also very attractive additions to outdoor spaces. Getting started is as easy as ordering a set of quality 12×16 barn shed plans designed to make new storage solutions a snap!


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