12×16 Shed Plans – Your Options

12 x 16 shed plansThe variety of 12×16 shed plans on the market today is nearly unparalleled. Sheds offer more than just a place to store lawn equipment like mowers, rakes and shovels. Though they are good for those purposes too!

With just a bit of creative, out-of-the-box thinking, sheds can meet any number of space and storage needs. One need only select a design to best meet the needs of the family. Then the fun of construction and decoration can begin!


All Sorts of Houses


Play House

Families can maximize the space in their home by moving the play room outside the walls. Why not make the kids’ play area the fancy new shed in the back yard?

Kids of all ages appreciate the chance to have a place to call their own.  No matter the style – barn, house or gable – kids will love this option!


Guest House

Those who consider sheds as little more than a storage solution are probably not apt to consider these buildings as a storage solution for something a bit unusual. Those items in need of storing, so to speak, are guests. When the number of visitors is more than the number of guest rooms, sheds offer alternative sleeping quarters.

A variety of plans that mimic houses are available and come complete with windows, residential-style doors and even porches. It is quite easy to build a shed that resembles a cape cod or bungalow home. Sheds are very easily wired for electricity, and it is possible to install plumbing as well.  In addition, proper construction protects their interiors from the elements.

With just a little time and effort, a shed can transform into a cozy area for individuals to sleep or just get away from it all. There is really no better place to keep guests close and comfortable.


Work Spaces Too

Speaking of getting away from it all, wouldn’t it be nice to have an uninterrupted place to work? If you answered yes, then why not turn a shed into an office or studio? Anyone who works from home can appreciate how great it is to have an office located just steps away from the comforts of the home.

Hobbyists can find any manner of reasons to get creative when they have a place dedicated to supply storage. In fact, studio designs exist just for artists, designers, architects and the like.

Individuals with green thumbs find their hobbies flourish in shed environments. By adding in a few skylights, these small areas make for cozy homes for plants and flours. Even non-gardeners will find an excuse to visit this little piece of comfort in the back yard.

Clearly, uses for sheds today are not limited to the traditional lawn tool storage. These affordable and durable buildings offer kids a place to play, guests a place to sleep and parents a place to work. Check out the variety of 12×16 shed plans available today, and get started solving space and storage problems for your family.

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