Building Storage Shed 12×16

shed plans 12x16Deciding on building storage shed 12×16 is a great way to free up space in a garage or home. Wouldn’t it be nice to have room to park the car in the garage where it belongs? Or perhaps clean out the bonus room to use it as a work space? A storage shed can provide a permanent home to garden tools, seasonal lawn equipment and other needed but rarely used items.

 Building Storage Shed 12×16

Building a shed is a challenging task for anyone with limited construction experience. However, it can be done with just a little time and preparation. Here are a few common questions to ask before starting a shed building project:

  • How do I choose the right location for my shed?
  • What is the best shed design for my needs?
  • What kinds of tools and materials are required?
  • Do I need to set the shed on a foundation?
  • How should I finish the interior and exterior of my shed?

A good set of shed plans can provide answers to these questions.

What to Look For in Shed Plans

A quality set of shed plans is essential to getting the project off the ground and seeing it through to fruition. The first criteria you should look for in a set of shed plans are step-by-step instructions. Detailed shed plans are drawn clearly and have diagrams that make it easy to understand the written instructions.

Before choosing a shed design, look at various models to research the options that will best meet your needs. Individuals who want to build a storage shed typically look to traditional designs like the barn or gable shed. The gable shed is particularly attractive for the additional storage area created by its lofted roof.

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If going this route, it may be worth the while to look into hiring a professional contractor to complete the more detailed aspects like the gabled roof. Or, consider a pre-cut shed kit that comes with the roof trusses already built. This will help save time and money in the long run.


Shed Design Options


A lean-to shed is a great storage shed option for individuals who want to complete the project themselves but who lack the skill set, time or resources to erect a complicated gable roof. The lean-to has a simple, sloped roof that is higher in the back than it is the front. These sheds also sit horizontally so are good for sites that are wider than they are deep.


In addition, the lean to offers a fairly modern design that is attractive to young homeowners. Like any shed, it can be finished with paint, stain or siding. The outside is easily dressed up even further by planting a few bushes along the edges or pots of flowers at the sides of the doors.



The best way to start shed construction off right is with a set of shed building plans that answer basic construction and design questions. Quality plans make building storage shed 12×16 an attainable weekend project.



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