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Building Storage Shed 12×16

shed plans 12x16Deciding on building storage shed 12×16 is a great way to free up space in a garage or home. Wouldn’t it be nice to have room to park the car in the garage where it belongs? Or perhaps clean out the bonus room to use it as a work space? A storage shed can provide a permanent home to garden tools, seasonal lawn equipment and other needed but rarely used items.

 Building Storage Shed 12×16

Building a shed is a challenging task for anyone with limited construction experience. However, it can be done with just a little time and preparation. Here are a few common questions to ask before starting a shed building project:

  • How do I choose the right location for my shed?
  • What is the best shed design for my needs?
  • What kinds of tools and materials are required?
  • Do I need to set the shed on a foundation?
  • How should I finish the interior and exterior of my shed?

A good set of shed plans can provide answers to these questions.

What to Look For in Shed Plans

A quality set of shed plans is essential to getting the project off the ground and seeing it through to fruition. The first criteria you should look for in a set of shed plans are step-by-step instructions. Detailed shed plans are drawn clearly and have diagrams that make it easy to understand the written instructions.

Before choosing a shed design, look at various models to research the options that will best meet your needs. Individuals who want to build a storage shed typically look to traditional designs like the barn or gable shed. The gable shed is particularly attractive for the additional storage area created by its lofted roof.

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If going this route, it may be worth the while to look into hiring a professional contractor to complete the more detailed aspects like the gabled roof. Or, consider a pre-cut shed kit that comes with the roof trusses already built. This will help save time and money in the long run.


Shed Design Options


A lean-to shed is a great storage shed option for individuals who want to complete the project themselves but who lack the skill set, time or resources to erect a complicated gable roof. The lean-to has a simple, sloped roof that is higher in the back than it is the front. These sheds also sit horizontally so are good for sites that are wider than they are deep.


In addition, the lean to offers a fairly modern design that is attractive to young homeowners. Like any shed, it can be finished with paint, stain or siding. The outside is easily dressed up even further by planting a few bushes along the edges or pots of flowers at the sides of the doors.



The best way to start shed construction off right is with a set of shed building plans that answer basic construction and design questions. Quality plans make building storage shed 12×16 an attainable weekend project.



12×16 Shed Plans

barnshedplanMost homeowners in the market for 12×16 shed plans desire additional storage space or a private work area away from the house. Lately, a third reason homeowners have attributed to their desire to build a shed is to improve the appearance of their backyard. Sheds today are so much more than the plain buildings of the past.

12×16 Shed Plans

Why build a shed?

Do you park outside the garage because there simply is no room left to park inside? Sheds are the perfect solution. Bring the bicycles, garden tools, toys, and seasonal decorations into the shed and free-up more valuable real estate in the garage.

Does your family eat wherever they can find a spot because the kitchen table is piled high with work or hobby materials? Create a work space to give these items a permanent home. You might be surprised how the dedicated work space a shed provides can lead to increased productivity.

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A Modern Look and Feel

It is not uncommon for the appearance of the shed to be the number one consideration – even above functionality. A number of people put off building a shed simply because they have an outdated notion of what a shed is in mind. Square, boxy shapes devoid of personality and character come to mind for most homeowners, but sheds today can be so much more.

The basic components to any shed construction process are the floor, four walls, roof and door. From there homeowners can inject their personal style in the size and shape these elements take. Those who prefer modern designs tend to go for the sloped lean-to style roof common to studios. Traditionalists, on the other hand, opt for a gable roof typically found on barns.

From there, homeowners can add porches and landscaping to dress up the outside. Adding a path of brick pavers can visually anchor the shed to elements of the larger yard. Adding side rails and roof overhangs can transform the look of an ordinary shed to a quaint cottage.

Other Uses

Still not convinced? Sheds have been used for everything from game rooms to wine cellars for the guys and sewing rooms to private bath houses for the ladies. Families with young children have turned their shed into playhouses filled with pint-sized furniture and walls painted as chalkboards. Parents of teenagers have found backyard sheds a good way to give kids their privacy while still keeping them close to home.

Unlike a home, sheds are much more adaptable to being completed in stages. If a budget does not allow for interior finishes, those can be added at a later time. In the interim, the main structure can provide valuable storage space.

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Choosing the right shed design can be a fun process. Couples can find innovative ways to maximize space and add design details true to their character. A key to success is to consider a shed as an addition to a home more so than an afterthought. With that in mind, building with 12×16 shed plans is sure to be a success.

Shed Plans 12×16

When you are ready to add on for storage space, shed plans 12×16 size offer a range of solutions. Why choose to build a shed? Most homeowners go this route because these sturdy, durable buildings offer cost-effective solutions that are easy to build.


Step 1: Choose a Shed Design

A number of shed designs are available for selection in today’s market. Gone are the days when only barn-style sheds were the norm. Sheds today go far beyond a basic block figure with a roof, no widows and a padlocked door.


Shed plans come in a number of different designs to fit every personality and usage need. Some plan designs also allow for custom modifications at a small additional cost. The most popular shed designs include:


  • Barn – country look for yard and garden tool storage
  • Cape Cod – mimics the look of home designs by the same name
  • Gable – most popular design with pitched roof and double doors
  • Gambrel – like the barn but with increased storage area in the roof loft
  • Garage – includes an overhead door to easily store riding mowers or small vehicles
  • Lean-tos – traditionally built to “lean” against a larger building
  • Studio – contemporary look for office or studio work

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Step 2: Purchase the Shed Plans

Things to look for in a set of good plans include detailed instructions and a list of materials. A list of tools needed to build the shed might also accompany the plans. For added convenience, most shed plans are available for immediate download after purchase.  This means you can get started on your shed project right away!


Step 3: Purchase the Materials

Before constructing the shed, it is important to thoroughly compile the items on the material list. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a quarter of the way into a project before realizing not all materials are on hand. The materials list is included with the plans to help new shed owners avoid this inconvenience. Individuals can choose to purchase materials directly from the shed manufacturer or at a local lumber yard or hardware store.


Step 4: Assemble the Shed

Do-it-yourselfers may find it easy to build a shed themselves.  Because good plans come with a clear set of instructions, a number of people with even the most basic building experience choose to erect their own sheds. Building a shed provides a great sense of accomplishment!


Those individuals who are less handy or simply do not have the time to take on this project can hire a contractor to make quick work of putting up the shed. Professionals can help with a portion or all of the construction. From setting the foundation to erecting the walls to placing the roof, sheds can come together in no time flat.


Building a shed is just four simple steps away. Many people are surprised to find selecting a shed design from one of the many available options is the hardest part of the process. Once the decision is made on shed plans 12×16, moving forward with construction takes little time at all.


12×16 Shed Plans – Your Options

12 x 16 shed plansThe variety of 12×16 shed plans on the market today is nearly unparalleled. Sheds offer more than just a place to store lawn equipment like mowers, rakes and shovels. Though they are good for those purposes too!

With just a bit of creative, out-of-the-box thinking, sheds can meet any number of space and storage needs. One need only select a design to best meet the needs of the family. Then the fun of construction and decoration can begin!


All Sorts of Houses


Play House

Families can maximize the space in their home by moving the play room outside the walls. Why not make the kids’ play area the fancy new shed in the back yard?

Kids of all ages appreciate the chance to have a place to call their own.  No matter the style – barn, house or gable – kids will love this option!


Guest House

Those who consider sheds as little more than a storage solution are probably not apt to consider these buildings as a storage solution for something a bit unusual. Those items in need of storing, so to speak, are guests. When the number of visitors is more than the number of guest rooms, sheds offer alternative sleeping quarters.

A variety of plans that mimic houses are available and come complete with windows, residential-style doors and even porches. It is quite easy to build a shed that resembles a cape cod or bungalow home. Sheds are very easily wired for electricity, and it is possible to install plumbing as well.  In addition, proper construction protects their interiors from the elements.

With just a little time and effort, a shed can transform into a cozy area for individuals to sleep or just get away from it all. There is really no better place to keep guests close and comfortable.


Work Spaces Too

Speaking of getting away from it all, wouldn’t it be nice to have an uninterrupted place to work? If you answered yes, then why not turn a shed into an office or studio? Anyone who works from home can appreciate how great it is to have an office located just steps away from the comforts of the home.

Hobbyists can find any manner of reasons to get creative when they have a place dedicated to supply storage. In fact, studio designs exist just for artists, designers, architects and the like.

Individuals with green thumbs find their hobbies flourish in shed environments. By adding in a few skylights, these small areas make for cozy homes for plants and flours. Even non-gardeners will find an excuse to visit this little piece of comfort in the back yard.

Clearly, uses for sheds today are not limited to the traditional lawn tool storage. These affordable and durable buildings offer kids a place to play, guests a place to sleep and parents a place to work. Check out the variety of 12×16 shed plans available today, and get started solving space and storage problems for your family.

The Best 12×16 Shed Plans For Free?

The Best 12×16 Shed Plans For Free?

Looking to build a shed from scratch with the help of 12×16 shed plans? Building a shed on your own isn’t difficult as long as you have well laid out plans at your disposal, and it’s certainly a cheaper option than getting someone to do it for you. Of course, it helps to have a decent amount of experience working with wood as well, but even if you’re completely new to it that’s fine as long as you have the right plans. Here’s how you can make the most of 12×16 shed plans to build a sturdy and presentable shed.

Finding Quality 12×16 Shed Plans

If you’re an experienced head in this area, you’ll know that finding quality 12×16 shed plans that fit in with what you want your shed to look like isn’t an easy thing to do. Sure, there are many plans out there on various websites and forums, but how many of these are well thought out and designed? Most of them are simply thrown together without much thought, which leads to various construction problems later on. You’ll waste a lot of time and money trying to work your way through such plans, but you can save yourself the trouble quite easily as I am about to show you.

The fact is, there are only a couple of sources that I would fully trust to deliver quality 12×16 shed plans, and the top one is called “My Shed Plans”. This package of 12,000 shed plans is from the private collection of one of the most experienced heads in the business. After all, who else would have 12,000 plans at their disposal? The good thing about this package is that you’ll be really spoilt for choice with all those plans to choose from. You’re sure to find a couple that you’ll like at the very least. Best of all, this package is completely free so you really have nothing to lose by checking it out.

The Final Word On 12×16 Shed Plans

Of course, to get the most out of these 12×16 shed plans you’ll have to have good tools and some level of expertise in working with wood. However, they certainly make life a lot easier compared to if you didn’t have the necessary plans. So do the smart thing and grab yourself this epic collection of shed plans from My Shed Plans. You’ll really appreciate the difference.

 shedplans 12 x 16