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DIY Shed Plans 12×16

bigstock-Garden-tools-hanging-with-wate-50528906Looking for new and unique DIY shed plans 12×16 ideas? These small buildings are the perfect solution for individuals in need of more space but who do not want to spend a lot of money on a room addition. There are also a number of green-building opportunities in shed construction, such as the choice of sustainable sourced lumber or solar panels to power interior or exterior lights. Living roofs are one of our favorite green ideas.

Green Roofs

When most people think about roof coverings, they think about asphalt shingles or metal sheeting. How about plants? The key is to choose the right type of plants.

No one should plant grass on top of their roofs. Obviously, no one wants to put a mower up there! Succulents, moss, and other sprawling ground cover are good starts. Because soil and plants can be quite heavy, especially when retaining water, it is important to check with a building inspector about codes for living roofs.

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So why plant a roof? Losing living groundcover is a consequence of building a shed on the ground. Planting a roof, so to speak, replaces the grass that was lost under a foundation. Layering a thin piece of soil along the roof and covering it with plants act as an organic insulation. The shed stays warm during cooler months and cool when it is warm outside.

In addition, a roof filled with plants attracts wildlife such as butterflies and song birds. Adding a bit of matching landscaping or planted pots near the shed will complete the look. Any nature lover can get on board with this idea!

Practical Considerations

Of course, there are more practical considerations when it comes to choosing the right set of shed plans to meet your needs. To make sure the design you prefer will give you the storage or work space you desire, sketch out a floor plan of everything you plan to store and where. You might be surprised to find how quickly the space fills up!

After you have an idea of the layout, you can choose where to locate doors and windows for optimal entry and light. Double doors the open outwards or an overhead door that rolls up are options past the standard hinged door. Planning for windows can help you locate standing or hanging shelves to ensure all space is optimized.

Curb Appeal

Last but not least, jazz up the shed with a look that matches your home. An exact match is not necessary, but keeping exteriors within the same color palette is often recommended. Likewise, choosing a color found in nature blends in with the natural environment regardless of its shade.

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Sheds are great solutions for storage or added work or play rooms. A number of families have gotten years of use from their buildings and many say they do not know what they would have done without them. Isn’t it time you give one a try? Get started with a robust selection of DIY shed plans 12×16 found online.