Gable Shed Plans 12×16

gable shed plans 12x16A desire to shop for gable shed plans 12×16 can arise out of many needs. Some homeowners build a shed for utilitarian needs, such as storage space for lawn and garden tools. Telecommuters have been known to build sheds as a home office. Others construct their small buildings to serve as a peaceful retreat or fun playhouse.

Basic sheds are sometimes referred to as barn sheds. These typically include a peaked gable roof and swinging barn-style doors. Features such as windows and ramps can also be incorporated to allow for natural light and make moving heavy wheeled equipment in and out of the shed much easier.

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From a design perspective, a basic gable roof is often preferred over flat-roofed buildings when the goal is to use the shed for storage. Modern, flat roofs, on the other hand, look sleek when applied to a lean-to style office shed. Both styles look fantastic when small details such as landscaping and exterior lighting are applied.

Shed Construction & Design

Gable sheds are available in a number of styles and can be constructed from a variety of building materials. Regardless of the style, modern sheds are available in a variety of floor plans and can be built from wood, metal or composite materials. One key to getting the shed design right is to match the style with the materials.

For example, a country garden shed is more suited to a rustic feel than a modern office. Reclaimed wood will fit in much better with the former than the latter. Decorative elements such as trim and window boxes also add a nice finishing touch.

Check Out Our Shed Plans 12×16 Ideas!

Individuals with construction experience may choose to build a shed from the ground up. Less experienced do-it-yourselfers may opt for a prefabricated shed kit. Either choice is fine, although pre-fab kits typically offer few options. As such, most individuals look to kits when they want to build a basic, no-frills storage shed.

Gable vs. Gambrel Roofs

A traditional gable roof resembles most homes, including a peaked gable roof. They lend themselves well to the addition of decorative touches such as skylights and ornamental moldings if desired.

A gambrel roof is a specialized gable roof style. If you picture a historic, red barn, then a gambrel roof is likely to come to mind. This style is often described as, traditional, utilitarian and picturesque.

The nature of the gambrel roof, which bows outward from a top peak before doing the same when it hits the roof line, allows for additional storage room to be created out of a roof loft. This effect, of course, becomes more pronounced with the size of the shed.

As you can likely tell, there are a variety of shed design possibilities available to suit any need or style. From basic kits to custom plans, anything from the traditional to the whimsical can be achieved. With the number of gable shed plans 12×16 readily available today, you will have no trouble finding the perfect shed for your backyard!


Check Out Our Shed Plans 12×16 Ideas!

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