Plans for a 12×16 Shed

free shed plansIf you are looking for plans for a 12×16 shed, you have probably come across more styles than you ever thought imaginable. When they think of sheds, a traditional barn shape comes to mind for most people. However, there are a number of modern shed plans available to homeowners or anyone in need of a little extra space today.


Traditional Sheds


Barn sheds typically come to mind because their simple design makes them one of the most economical sheds on the market. They are simple rectangular shapes with a standard, pitched roof. In addition, they have no windows and just one door.


Another type of design that is growing in popularity is the garden shed. These small buildings typically take a bit longer to construct than other types of sheds. This is due to the fact they have a great deal of detail.


For instance, when you see a shed with nicely trimmed windows and long roof overhangs, you are most likely looking at a garden shed. In fact, sometimes these sheds can be modified to look just like mini-versions of a house.


Modern Sheds


Individuals who wish to use their extra space for an office or studio are typically drawn to the modern shed design. These sleek sheds have a minimalist look with a lean-to roof, simple trim and plenty of windows to let in the natural light. This is important as no one wants to work in a dark and dreary shed.


If you do not know just what a lean-to shed roof is, this term comes from – you guessed it – a lean-to shed. These buildings were originally constructed with one wall to lean against a larger building, like a barn, for support. When used in the traditional sense, it is not uncommon to find these sheds with open sides. For backyard shed purposes, walls are erected to allow for storage or other shelter purposes.


Unlike the lean-to, a run-in shed actually leaves a good deal of space open on one side. This type of shed is desirable for individuals who own a number of animals. When the weather gets rough, horses or dogs or any other animal on the property can seek shelter in a run-in shed. It also provides much-needed shade in the summer.


Specialty Sheds


For the gardener, a greenhouse shed plan is the way to go. These sheds are typically asymmetrical in shape with one wall slanted at a steep angle. This wall is covered in glass to allow in the proper amount of light required for the greenhouse environment.


Lastly, very small sheds that are intended only for specific storage purposes can be built. These sheds are so small they are typically referred to as enclosures. Just like a run-in shed shelters animals, small enclosures protect valuable equipment like generators from the elements.


As you can see, choices for sheds abound. When choosing a design, most individuals take into account time and expense factors to pick the best plans for a 12×16 shed that will meet their needs.

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