12×16 Shed Plans

barnshedplanMost homeowners in the market for 12×16 shed plans desire additional storage space or a private work area away from the house. Lately, a third reason homeowners have attributed to their desire to build a shed is to improve the appearance of their backyard. Sheds today are so much more than the plain buildings of the past.

12×16 Shed Plans

Why build a shed?

Do you park outside the garage because there simply is no room left to park inside? Sheds are the perfect solution. Bring the bicycles, garden tools, toys, and seasonal decorations into the shed and free-up more valuable real estate in the garage.

Does your family eat wherever they can find a spot because the kitchen table is piled high with work or hobby materials? Create a work space to give these items a permanent home. You might be surprised how the dedicated work space a shed provides can lead to increased productivity.

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A Modern Look and Feel

It is not uncommon for the appearance of the shed to be the number one consideration – even above functionality. A number of people put off building a shed simply because they have an outdated notion of what a shed is in mind. Square, boxy shapes devoid of personality and character come to mind for most homeowners, but sheds today can be so much more.

The basic components to any shed construction process are the floor, four walls, roof and door. From there homeowners can inject their personal style in the size and shape these elements take. Those who prefer modern designs tend to go for the sloped lean-to style roof common to studios. Traditionalists, on the other hand, opt for a gable roof typically found on barns.

From there, homeowners can add porches and landscaping to dress up the outside. Adding a path of brick pavers can visually anchor the shed to elements of the larger yard. Adding side rails and roof overhangs can transform the look of an ordinary shed to a quaint cottage.

Other Uses

Still not convinced? Sheds have been used for everything from game rooms to wine cellars for the guys and sewing rooms to private bath houses for the ladies. Families with young children have turned their shed into playhouses filled with pint-sized furniture and walls painted as chalkboards. Parents of teenagers have found backyard sheds a good way to give kids their privacy while still keeping them close to home.

Unlike a home, sheds are much more adaptable to being completed in stages. If a budget does not allow for interior finishes, those can be added at a later time. In the interim, the main structure can provide valuable storage space.

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Choosing the right shed design can be a fun process. Couples can find innovative ways to maximize space and add design details true to their character. A key to success is to consider a shed as an addition to a home more so than an afterthought. With that in mind, building with 12×16 shed plans is sure to be a success.