12×16 Gambrel Shed Plans

barnshedplanAre you considering a set of 12×16 gambrel shed plans to meet your storage needs? If so, you are not alone. Gambrel sheds – sometimes called barn sheds because they resembled miniature barns – are one of the most popular shed designs on the market today. Read on to learn more about what makes these sheds so special.


Unique Gambrel Roofs


The key characteristic of a gambrel shed is its unique roof that uses different angles to create visual appeal on the exterior and additional space in the interior. Traditional barn sheds use a gable-style roof with two planes that peak at a center ridgeline and slope downward. Gambrel shed roofs expand the slope of the roof outward to create additional space.


In fact, large gambrel sheds like the 12 x 16 include a loft. This provides upwards of 100 square feet of additional storage space. Smaller gambrel sheds make use of this additional vertical space by incorporating the storage area into the main floor.


A 12×16 shed calls for a one foot roof overhang at the front and rear of the shed. On the sides, the overhang is six inches. Most individuals choose either traditional asphalt singles or modern metal roofing to complete the look.


Gambrel Shed Options


As with any shed, it is necessary to lay a foundation before construction begins. The five foundation choices include concrete slab, concrete block pier, poured concrete pier, precast pier and skid. Then it is on to framing the floor and walls and constructing the roof.


There a number of ways to modify gambrel sheds to fit the needs of any individual or family. One such option is the doors. A 12×16 shed has a space for double doors. The builder can choose a 6’ or 6’ 8” opening.


In addition, the doors can be built along with the shed or purchased free-built from a factory. In this case, hanging the doors upon shed completion is the only step required. The same goes for windows.


Sheds do not require windows, but these options to add natural light are certainly within reach. Most 12 x 16 shed plans call for three standard 2’ by 6” windows. Because they are of a standard size, they are available for purchase from most any window company.


Finally, make the shed your own by sprucing it up with trim and siding. Trim along the door, corners and eves of the rook add a polished look. Most barn plans call for plain, textured plywood siding. To add a bit of flair, add horizontal lap siding or cedar shingles. The options really are endless when it comes to making a shed your own.


When purchasing a set of plans for a gambrel-style shed, make sure the plans include clear instructions in regards to the connections needed to construct the gambrel roof. Clearly defined angles at which the roof should be framed will save a lot of guesswork, frustration and lost time. Remember, there is no skimping on quality when it comes to choosing the perfect 12×16 gambrel shed plans!