Free 12×16 Shed Plans

After the decision to build a shed is made, free 12×16 shed plans are typically the next order of business. A number of no-cost and low-cost shed plans are available today, which is great news for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the intent for the shed – storage or additional work space – or the budget – high or low – a set of plans just right for the situation is well within reach.


There are a number of popular shed designs on the market today. The idea that sheds are a thing of the past or somehow outdated is simply false. Though traditional plans, like those for the barn shed or gable shed certainly do exist, a number of modern structures are also quite popular. Here are a few of the most asked-for shed plans on the market today:


  • Gambrel Barn
  • Gable
  • Lean Tos
  • Cape Cod
  • Modern Studio


Make it Unique


It is also possible to customize a set of shed plans. Build a truly unique building to fit an individual need, like a greenhouse shed for a gardener. Or, design the shed to match the look of a home.


If constructing a shed to look like a mini-home is not an option, then perhaps other customizations will do. Windows that allow natural light to flow into a shed are one of the most popular options. Doorways are also customizable; single doors, double doors or one of each at the front and the back of the shed are common.


Less functional but still popular customizations include siding, trim and shingles. Though these items are optional, they can radically change – and typically drastically improve – the look of a shed. The good news is these additions are available to incorporate onto a shed as a budget allows.


Build it Right


Regardless of the final look of the shed, there are few things any good set of shed plans will include. Look for a comprehensive materials list as well as a nailing schedule. The former will ensure a builder – who is oftentimes the novice homeowner – has everything on had before construction begins. The latter provides details important to the construction of the roof, which is often the most difficult piece in an otherwise simple do-it-yourself project.


Another consideration can be summed up in three words: location, location, location. The location is the number one concern of most individuals who purchase a home. Location is equally important when it comes to determining the placement of a shed on a property.


It is always a good idea to check the zoning ordinances in an area when deciding upon a place to build a shed. These local laws give directives such as the maximum size of a shed.  Zoning ordinances also state the distances that must be present between the shed and property lines or other structures.


The decision to build a shed is just the first step in a long line of important choices when it comes to making a building one’s own. The good news is, it is easy to get started with a set of free 12×16 shed plans!

Gambrel Shed Plans 12×16

barnshedplanAre you considering purchasing gambrel shed plans 12×16 size? These buildings provide a number of benefits including adding storage and work space to a property. Read on to learn more about their many great attributes.


Popular Shed Uses


Homeowners who live in an area with cold winters and hot summers know the importance of having the right tools and equipment on hand to take care of their yards. Storage sheds are great because they create a protected space in which to store snow blowers and lawnmowers. By keeping those valuable pieces of machinery in a shed, there is always room to park the car in the garage.


Hobbyists with green thumbs often turn to sheds to provide additional storage for their many garden tools. It really is amazing how much space rakes, shovels and hoes can take up. Adding windows to a shed allows natural light to flood the space, which in turn creates a great place to start seedlings for planting during the growing season.


Building a work bench across one wall of the shed is a great place for the storage and use of other tools like table saws. If the shed is constructed near the main home, it is reasonable to run an extension cord from the home to the shed to supply the electricity needed to power these tools. However, by running electricity from the main home to the shed on a regular basis, a full-fledged work space is always available.


Construction Considerations


There are a number of things to look for when shopping for shed plans. The design is just one component. Taking the time to research shed plans to ensure they include a materials list, a tools list, templates and nailing schedules is always a good idea.


After the plans are decided upon, it is important to choose an appropriate site on which to build the shed. If the site floods easily or if the ground slopes in any which way, it is likely best to stay away from this area. Few things are worse than a flooded shed or cracked foundation, especially when avoidable.


Before construction begins, it is imperative to check both the shed and site comply with local zoning ordinances. These laws instruct homeowners on important matters such as the maximum height of a structure and minimum distance from property lines.


Homeowner can customize the look of a shed in any number of ways. The paint color, trim, siding, shingles, doors and windows are just a few elements to decide upon. Even a ramp to allow for easy transport of heavy, wheeled vehicles into and out of the shed is an option.


A nice thing about gambrel sheds is their traditional look that compliments any home. When someone thinks of a gambrel shed, a vivid red barn with bright white trim might come to mind. However, this style lends itself to any number of gorgeous color combinations. The many options available with gambrel shed plans 12×16 are sure to solve all your space needs!

12×16 Gambrel Shed Plans

barnshedplanAre you considering a set of 12×16 gambrel shed plans to meet your storage needs? If so, you are not alone. Gambrel sheds – sometimes called barn sheds because they resembled miniature barns – are one of the most popular shed designs on the market today. Read on to learn more about what makes these sheds so special.


Unique Gambrel Roofs


The key characteristic of a gambrel shed is its unique roof that uses different angles to create visual appeal on the exterior and additional space in the interior. Traditional barn sheds use a gable-style roof with two planes that peak at a center ridgeline and slope downward. Gambrel shed roofs expand the slope of the roof outward to create additional space.


In fact, large gambrel sheds like the 12 x 16 include a loft. This provides upwards of 100 square feet of additional storage space. Smaller gambrel sheds make use of this additional vertical space by incorporating the storage area into the main floor.


A 12×16 shed calls for a one foot roof overhang at the front and rear of the shed. On the sides, the overhang is six inches. Most individuals choose either traditional asphalt singles or modern metal roofing to complete the look.


Gambrel Shed Options


As with any shed, it is necessary to lay a foundation before construction begins. The five foundation choices include concrete slab, concrete block pier, poured concrete pier, precast pier and skid. Then it is on to framing the floor and walls and constructing the roof.


There a number of ways to modify gambrel sheds to fit the needs of any individual or family. One such option is the doors. A 12×16 shed has a space for double doors. The builder can choose a 6’ or 6’ 8” opening.


In addition, the doors can be built along with the shed or purchased free-built from a factory. In this case, hanging the doors upon shed completion is the only step required. The same goes for windows.


Sheds do not require windows, but these options to add natural light are certainly within reach. Most 12 x 16 shed plans call for three standard 2’ by 6” windows. Because they are of a standard size, they are available for purchase from most any window company.


Finally, make the shed your own by sprucing it up with trim and siding. Trim along the door, corners and eves of the rook add a polished look. Most barn plans call for plain, textured plywood siding. To add a bit of flair, add horizontal lap siding or cedar shingles. The options really are endless when it comes to making a shed your own.


When purchasing a set of plans for a gambrel-style shed, make sure the plans include clear instructions in regards to the connections needed to construct the gambrel roof. Clearly defined angles at which the roof should be framed will save a lot of guesswork, frustration and lost time. Remember, there is no skimping on quality when it comes to choosing the perfect 12×16 gambrel shed plans!

Storage Shed Plans 12×16

12 x 16 shed plansYou can never have too much storage space, and storage shed plans 12×16 size offer the perfect solutions. These multi-functional buildings allow homeowners to store yard and garden tools as well as heavy seasonal equipment like lawnmowers and snow blowers. Additional storage space provided by a shed allows individuals to move items from the garage so they can finally park their car back inside!


Why Build Your Own Storage Shed?


There are a number of reasonable answers to this question. First and foremost, building your own shed is inexpensive.  Sheds are also easy to construct and provide an awesome sense of accomplishment when finished.


Sheds provide highly cost-effective solutions for storage problems faced in and around the home. The final cost of building a shed will depend upon its design and size. The 12 x 16 is a larger shed size, so a homeowner can expect to pay a little more.


Still, this solution is much more economical than renting an off-site storage unit or adding on to a home. When looking at it that way, investing in a larger shed makes much more sense than building a smaller shed a family will soon outgrow.


Anyone, from a novice builder to a seasoned pro, can easily build a storage shed by following a good set of plans. Look for comprehensive instructions, including a materials list, when making a selection. Then, all you need to do is follow the steps as outlined.


Who wouldn’t feel proud to know they constructed the very shed they see sitting in the backyard? Choosing to build your own shed provides a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Yes, frustration may be a part of the experience as well, but a good set of plans can get you back on track.


What are Zoning Requirements?


These requirements are local ordinances that dictate things such as the size and placement of the shed. For example, zoning requirements dictate the maximum height of a shed and how far from a structure – like a fence or other building – it must sit. In addition to zoning requirements, it is also important to consider the rules of homeowners associations if applicable. Few feelings are worse than building the perfect shed only to realize it has to come down because it violates an established code.


When choosing a space to construct the shed, consider how you would like to gain access to the building. Visualizing how the shed door will swing open and close will help you identify any obstacles like trees or shrubs. This may seem obvious, but considering how the area around a shed will be used before construction can save a lot of headache once the shed is built.


Interested in another tip? An easy way to maximize storage space once the shed is built is to create a good system of organization. Add shelves and hooks to take full advantage of vertical space. Whatever your reason for building a shed, storage shed plans 12×16 are the way to go.


Plans for a 12×16 Shed

free shed plansIf you are looking for plans for a 12×16 shed, you have probably come across more styles than you ever thought imaginable. When they think of sheds, a traditional barn shape comes to mind for most people. However, there are a number of modern shed plans available to homeowners or anyone in need of a little extra space today.


Traditional Sheds


Barn sheds typically come to mind because their simple design makes them one of the most economical sheds on the market. They are simple rectangular shapes with a standard, pitched roof. In addition, they have no windows and just one door.


Another type of design that is growing in popularity is the garden shed. These small buildings typically take a bit longer to construct than other types of sheds. This is due to the fact they have a great deal of detail.


For instance, when you see a shed with nicely trimmed windows and long roof overhangs, you are most likely looking at a garden shed. In fact, sometimes these sheds can be modified to look just like mini-versions of a house.


Modern Sheds


Individuals who wish to use their extra space for an office or studio are typically drawn to the modern shed design. These sleek sheds have a minimalist look with a lean-to roof, simple trim and plenty of windows to let in the natural light. This is important as no one wants to work in a dark and dreary shed.


If you do not know just what a lean-to shed roof is, this term comes from – you guessed it – a lean-to shed. These buildings were originally constructed with one wall to lean against a larger building, like a barn, for support. When used in the traditional sense, it is not uncommon to find these sheds with open sides. For backyard shed purposes, walls are erected to allow for storage or other shelter purposes.


Unlike the lean-to, a run-in shed actually leaves a good deal of space open on one side. This type of shed is desirable for individuals who own a number of animals. When the weather gets rough, horses or dogs or any other animal on the property can seek shelter in a run-in shed. It also provides much-needed shade in the summer.


Specialty Sheds


For the gardener, a greenhouse shed plan is the way to go. These sheds are typically asymmetrical in shape with one wall slanted at a steep angle. This wall is covered in glass to allow in the proper amount of light required for the greenhouse environment.


Lastly, very small sheds that are intended only for specific storage purposes can be built. These sheds are so small they are typically referred to as enclosures. Just like a run-in shed shelters animals, small enclosures protect valuable equipment like generators from the elements.


As you can see, choices for sheds abound. When choosing a design, most individuals take into account time and expense factors to pick the best plans for a 12×16 shed that will meet their needs.

The Best 12×16 Shed Plans For Free?

The Best 12×16 Shed Plans For Free?

Looking to build a shed from scratch with the help of 12×16 shed plans? Building a shed on your own isn’t difficult as long as you have well laid out plans at your disposal, and it’s certainly a cheaper option than getting someone to do it for you. Of course, it helps to have a decent amount of experience working with wood as well, but even if you’re completely new to it that’s fine as long as you have the right plans. Here’s how you can make the most of 12×16 shed plans to build a sturdy and presentable shed.

Finding Quality 12×16 Shed Plans

If you’re an experienced head in this area, you’ll know that finding quality 12×16 shed plans that fit in with what you want your shed to look like isn’t an easy thing to do. Sure, there are many plans out there on various websites and forums, but how many of these are well thought out and designed? Most of them are simply thrown together without much thought, which leads to various construction problems later on. You’ll waste a lot of time and money trying to work your way through such plans, but you can save yourself the trouble quite easily as I am about to show you.

The fact is, there are only a couple of sources that I would fully trust to deliver quality 12×16 shed plans, and the top one is called “My Shed Plans”. This package of 12,000 shed plans is from the private collection of one of the most experienced heads in the business. After all, who else would have 12,000 plans at their disposal? The good thing about this package is that you’ll be really spoilt for choice with all those plans to choose from. You’re sure to find a couple that you’ll like at the very least. Best of all, this package is completely free so you really have nothing to lose by checking it out.

The Final Word On 12×16 Shed Plans

Of course, to get the most out of these 12×16 shed plans you’ll have to have good tools and some level of expertise in working with wood. However, they certainly make life a lot easier compared to if you didn’t have the necessary plans. So do the smart thing and grab yourself this epic collection of shed plans from My Shed Plans. You’ll really appreciate the difference.

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