Gambrel Shed Plans 12×16

barnshedplanAre you considering purchasing gambrel shed plans 12×16 size? These buildings provide a number of benefits including adding storage and work space to a property. Read on to learn more about their many great attributes.


Popular Shed Uses


Homeowners who live in an area with cold winters and hot summers know the importance of having the right tools and equipment on hand to take care of their yards. Storage sheds are great because they create a protected space in which to store snow blowers and lawnmowers. By keeping those valuable pieces of machinery in a shed, there is always room to park the car in the garage.


Hobbyists with green thumbs often turn to sheds to provide additional storage for their many garden tools. It really is amazing how much space rakes, shovels and hoes can take up. Adding windows to a shed allows natural light to flood the space, which in turn creates a great place to start seedlings for planting during the growing season.


Building a work bench across one wall of the shed is a great place for the storage and use of other tools like table saws. If the shed is constructed near the main home, it is reasonable to run an extension cord from the home to the shed to supply the electricity needed to power these tools. However, by running electricity from the main home to the shed on a regular basis, a full-fledged work space is always available.


Construction Considerations


There are a number of things to look for when shopping for shed plans. The design is just one component. Taking the time to research shed plans to ensure they include a materials list, a tools list, templates and nailing schedules is always a good idea.


After the plans are decided upon, it is important to choose an appropriate site on which to build the shed. If the site floods easily or if the ground slopes in any which way, it is likely best to stay away from this area. Few things are worse than a flooded shed or cracked foundation, especially when avoidable.


Before construction begins, it is imperative to check both the shed and site comply with local zoning ordinances. These laws instruct homeowners on important matters such as the maximum height of a structure and minimum distance from property lines.


Homeowner can customize the look of a shed in any number of ways. The paint color, trim, siding, shingles, doors and windows are just a few elements to decide upon. Even a ramp to allow for easy transport of heavy, wheeled vehicles into and out of the shed is an option.


A nice thing about gambrel sheds is their traditional look that compliments any home. When someone thinks of a gambrel shed, a vivid red barn with bright white trim might come to mind. However, this style lends itself to any number of gorgeous color combinations. The many options available with gambrel shed plans 12×16 are sure to solve all your space needs!